President                                          Ron Alexander                                                               

Secretary                                          Stephanie Gear

Treasurer                                          Myra Grindrod      

Membership Chair                           David Kelly

Services Chair                                   Ron Alexander                                          

LCI Chair                                          

Director (1 Year)                               David Kelly

Director (1Year)                                Tim Fraser                                        

Director (2 Year)                               Lynette Radonich

Public Relations                               Tim Fraser    

Safety Officer                                    Ray Donaldson

Property Officers                             Stephanie Gear & Ray Donaldson                                   

Leo Adviser                                       Shirley Ellis & Lynette Radonich

Tail Twister                                        Dallas Grindrod

Market Coordinator                         Ken Peters

Bulletin Editor                                   Stephanie Gear

Child Safety Officer                          Alison Whalan

Lioness Liaison                                 Kerry Naumann


Projects/Tasks        Team Leader           Team Members    

YOTY                         Donna Sewell           Anyone interested in assisting?

Christmas Cakes      Judie & Darryl Kiepe Usually we all offer to help selling at Bunnings.           

Writing Challenge    Peter Whalan            Fay Hocking, Alison Whalan, Jennie Power, Diane Doherty

Markets                      Ken Peters                Dallas Grindrod, Peter Whalan, Ron Alexander, (Team Leaders) & Shirley Ellis (Roster)

                                                                        * Helpers needed each week     

Mints                          Ron Alexander         +

Driver Education      Ron Alexander

Sight/Glasses           Lynette Radonich     Jennie Power

Social Events            Lynette Radonich     Alison Whalan, Judie Keipe, Jaz Hoy

Guest Speakers        Judie Kiepe

Greeters                    Diane Doherty          Fay Hocking + 

Lucky Door                Lorraine Dailey         Judie Kiepe (100 Club) +                           

Welfare                      Diane Doherty,         Alison Whalan, Ron Alexander

Special Projects       Ray Donaldson        +                                                        

  • Australia Day Breakfast                        +         
  • Other Projects                                        +